This low-poo cleanser was created to coat your strands with a mild cleansing agent while enjoying the sweet supple smell of sweet potatoes. The texture ranges it’s not lumpy but a little weird looking but does a phenomenal job cleansing.


Pumpkin Seed oil is obtained from the seeds of {Pumpkin}, by cold expelled pressing methods. Its high content of nutrients is believed to be beneficial in maintaining healthy hair & skin. It is known to contain Phytosterols and Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids...all beneficial to healthy hair care needs.

Instructions: How to use: Section hair into four. Damp hair slightly and massage CoWash gently. A mild foamy sudy feel and the sense of detangling will start. Finger comb coils and rinse with water tempture of prefrence. Follow-up with wash day regimen.


Sweet Potato Low-Poo Cleansing Cowash

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